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How to Deliver Integrated Care: A Guidebook for Managers

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781838675301
Author: Ed: Axel Kaehne/Ed: Henk Nies
Publication Date: 11-Jan-2021
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 228

Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Integrated Care – an introduction; Axel Kaehne, and Henk Nies  

Chapter 2. Financing Care Integration; Eric van der Hijden, and Jeroen van der Wolk  
Chapter 3. Leadership in Integrated Care; Helen Dickinson, and Catherine Smith 
Chapter 4. Engaging Patients for Integrating Care; Rachael Smithson, Christina Wicker, and Kimberley Pierce Chapter 5. Social dimensions of Care Integration; Karin Kee, Henk Nies, Marieke van Wieringen, and Bianca Beersma 
Chapter 6. Values in Integrated Care; Nick Zonneveld, Henk Nies, Elize van Wijk, and Mirella Minkman 
Chapter 7. Digital Health Enabling Integrated Care; Carolyn Steele Gray, Dominique Gagnon, and Nick Guldemond, Tim Kenealy 
Chapter 8. Implementing Integrated Care; Axel Kaehne 
Chapter 9. Evaluating Integrated Care; Walter Wodchis, Carolyn Steele Gray, Jay Shaw, Kerry Kuluski, Gayathri Embuldeniya, G Ross Baker, and Maritt Kirst

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