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The Emerald Handbook of Blockchain for Business

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781839821998
Author: H. Kent Baker/Ehsan Nikbakht/Sean Stein Smith
Publication Date: 09-Mar-2021
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 487

Table of Contents: Chapter 1. Blockchain: An Overview; H. Kent Baker, Ehsan Nikbakht, and Sean Stein Smith 

Chapter 2. History of Blockchain; Joseph “Joey” Ryan and Sean Stein Smith 
Chapter 3. Review of Blockchain and Emerging Applications; Timothy Grief and Ehsan Nikbakht 
Chapter 4. Technical Aspects of Blockchain; Hak J. Kim 
Chapter 5. Public Blockchains and Applications;Hugo Benedetti 
Chapter 6. Private and Hybrid Blockchains and Applications; Gina Pieters and Sean Stein Smith 
Chapter 7.Consensus Mechanisms and Related Issues; Deniz Appelbaum 
Chapter 8.Token Economics; Alim Khamisa 
Chapter 9. Proposed Modifications to Spur Consumer Adoption of Blockchain; Katherine McKechnie, Alexandra M. Dunn, and Sayan Sarkar 
Chapter 10. Blockchain: Speed, Efficiency, Decreased Costs, and Technical Challenges; Amanda Wilkie and Sean Stein Smith 
Chapter 11. The Importance of Interoperability, Decentralization, and Choice;Kirk Phillips 
Chapter 12. Convergence with Artificial Intelligence and Other Related Concepts;Lian Duan 
Chapter 13. Risk Management and Transference Issues in Blockchain Technologies; Joseph Brunsman 
Chapter 14. Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Temporary Regime; J. Scott Colesanti 
Chapter 15. Regulatory Ambiguity and Its Impact on Blockchain; Shehan Chandrasekera 
Chapter 16. Considerations for Blockchain Adoption and Integration; Michael Nizich and Michael Campisi
Chapter 17. Blockchain Applications in Finance; Steven Cosares, Kristin Kalish, Thomas Maciura, and Andrew C. Spieler 
Chapter 18.Blockchain Applications in Healthcare; Alevtina Dubovitskaya 
Chapter 19.Blockchain Applications in Real Estate; Joshua Harris and Ehsan Nikbakht  
Chapter 20. Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain; Kaushik Sengupta 
Chapter 21.Crypto Accounting Valuation, Reporting, and Disclosure; Sean Stein Smith 
Chapter 22. Auditing and Examining Blockchain Information; John “Jack” Castonguay

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