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Exploring Cultural Value: Contemporary Issues for Theory and Practice

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781789735161
Author: Ed: Kim Lehman/Ed: Ian Fillis/Ed: Mark Wickham
Publication Date: 25-Jan-2021
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Number of Pages: 300

Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Introduction Kim Lehman, Ian Fillis and Mark Wickham

Part 1. Ways of Thinking about Cultural Value
Chapter 2: The Who, Where and What of Value in the Art Market: understanding the authentic Victoria Rodner and Chloe Preece
Chapter 3: From Cultural Value to Culture’s Value: the part-to-whole relationship in assessments Julian Meyrick and Tully Barnett
Chapter 4: Creative Destruction: problematising cultural value through an art-object-oriented ontology Chloe Preece and Finola Kerrigan
Chapter 5: Cultural Value in Conflict Boram Lee and Ruth Rentschler
Part 2. Current Developments in the Field
Chapter 6: Cultural Value as Practice: seeing future directions, looking back at the AHRC Cultural Value Project Patrycja Kaszynska
Chapter 7: Art in Society: co-creation of cultural value in alternative cultural frames Özge Gökbulut Özdemir
Chapter 8: Mona’s 24 Carrot Gardens: Seeding an Ecology of Cultural Value in Tasmania Marnie Badham, Kit Wise and Abbey MacDonald
Chapter 9: Conflicting Values, the Balancing Act of Artists Charlotte Carey
Chapter 10: The Creative Reputation Dilemma: professional and emotional negotiation of cultural value Can-Seng Ooi 
Part 3. Challenges for the Future
Chapter 11: Cultural Value as a Context for Urban and Regional Development Kim Lehman, Ian Fillis and Mark Wickham
Chapter 12: The Value of Culture in Building Resilience in Cities Chiara Carolina Donelli, Michele Trimarchi, Lorenzo Pratici and Simone Fanelli
Chapter 13: Being Able to Attend or Not: a dilemma in inequality of access to performing arts participation Ayşe Collins
Chapter 14: Museums Across Boundaries Ludovico Solima
Chapter 15: The Arts as an ‘Essential Service’ Kim Lehman, Ian Fillis and Mark Wickham

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