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Art in Diverse Social Settings

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781800438972
Author: Susana Gonçalves/Suzanne Majhanovich
Publication Date: 02-Mar-2021
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 320

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Art In diverse social settings; Susana Goncalves and Suzanne Majhanovich
Part 1: The art of today and its meaning
Chapter 1: The purpose of contemporary art: Social and economic drivers; Susana Goncalves
Chapter 2: Is there a future for conceptual art?; Antonio Cabrita
Chapter 3: Art and Citizenship in Education: A Conceptual Framework; Andri Savva
Chapter 4: Art and spirituality: Two sides of the same human coin; Mark Carpenter
Part 2: Art, power and resistance
Chapter 5: Activist art and political philosophy; Ilya Falkovsky
Chapter 6: Theater, Resistance and Democratic Rupture; Zeca Carvalho and Marina Dias de Faria
Chapter 7: Art and Resistance: How a small national minority struggles to defend its cultural identity; Ilya Falkovsky
Chapter 8: "I rap therefore I am": Second generation rappers and Italian citizenship; Morena Cuconato
Chapter 9: German rap - a changing cultural field from a gender studies perspective; Heidi Süß and Beatrix Kreß
Part 3: Art, community and dialogue
Chapter 10: Art and the community; Susana Goncalves
Chapter 11: Crafting beauty together; Christian Campagnaro
Chapter 12: Participatory arts-based research: Insights from a project with migrant women; Concepción Maiztegui-Oñate
Chapter 13: Teaching art and design to crafts people in the Amazon/Brazil and Mozambique; Ana Mae Barbosa
Chapter 14: A Framework for Community Development through Street Art Culture; Luisa Fonseca Silva
Chapter 15: Qualities of Art in Citizenship Education; Andri Savva
Chapter 16: Diversity and cultural heritage in the Finnish pre-primary curriculum; Riitta Korhonen

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