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The Sustainability Debate: Policies, Gender and the Media

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781800437791
Author: Ed: Martina Topic/Ed: George Lodorfos
Publication Date: 25-Mar-2021
Additional Information:

Number of Pages: 320

Table of Contents: Introduction; Martina Topić and George Lodorfos 

Chapter 1. Higher Education as Determinant of Competitiveness and Sustainable Economic Development; Miloš Krstić 
Chapter 2. Economic Substantiality: Skills in the UK Labour Market; Léon Consearo 
Chapter 3. Integrated Reporting – an Essential Tool for SME Sustainability?; Fiona Robertson 
Chapter 4. Sustainability Reporting Practices in FTSE100 Companies; Nuha Ceesay, Moade Shubita and Fiona Robertson 
Chapter 5. Consumer Perceptions of Packaging Sustainability: The Size of the Problem for Businesses; Ben Mitchell 
Chapter 6. From Ecofeminist Theories to Ecofeminist Practice: Women, Sustainability and Ethical Consumerism; Mirela Holy, Marija Geiger Zeman and Zdenko Zeman 
Chapter 7. Generational Differences in the Packaging of Women’s Land: A Challenge to Sustainability or, to Sustain or Not to Sustain and At What Cost?; Batya Weinbaum 
Chapter 8. Gendered Ageism and Sustainable Work in Croatia: A Case Study of the Association of Women 50+; Mirela Polić 
Chapter 9. Women and the Northern Powerhouse Initiative; Laura Garry 
Chapter 10. Journalism Needs to Get Political about Plastic Pollution: French vs US Approaches; Aaron McKinnon 
Chapter 11. Exploring the #zerowaste Lifestyle Trend on Instagram; Tauheed Ramjaun 
Chapter 12. Using Instagram as a Communication Channel in Green Marketing Digital Mix: A Case Study of bio & bio Organic Food Chain in Croatia; Filip Šikić 
Chapter 13. Social Network Analysis of #ClimateAction on Twitter; Gemma Bridge

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