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Bourdieu and Postcolonial Studies

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781800348813
Author: Ed: Raphael Dalleo
Publication Date: 05-Jan-2021
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Table of Contents:

1. Graham Huggan, Writing at the Margins: Postcolonialism, Exoticism, and the Politics of Cultural Value
2. Chris Bongie, Exiles on Mainstream: Valuing the Popularity of Postcolonial Literature
3. Sarah Brouillette, Postcolonial Writers and the Global Literary Marketplace
4. Roxanna Curto, Fanon and Bourdieu on Algeria
5. Michael Niblett, Style as Habitus: World-Literature, Decolonization, and Caribbean Voices
6. Caroline Davis, Playing the Game? The Publication of Oswald Mtshali
7. Stefan Helgesson, Fields in Formation: English Studies and National Literature in South Africa (with a Brazilian comparison)
8. Kris Singh, Pierre Bourdieu, Samuel Selvon, and Austin Clarke: Strategic Relationships in the Caribbean Diaspora
9. Nicole Simek, Irony in the Dungeon: Topographies of Anamnesis