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Internships, employability and the search for decent work experience

Publisher: ILO
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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9789220338131
Publication Date: 17-Jun-2021
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Number of Pages: 368

Description: This groundbreaking book examines the growing phenomenon of internships, and the policy issues that they raise, during a time when internships or traineeships have become an important way of transitioning from education into paid work. Featuring contributions from established and emerging scholars in a range of disciplines, the book presents important new research on the use, benefits and regulation of such arrangements. It considers how various countries around the world are meeting the challenge of ensuring decent work for interns, and what more needs to be done to realise that objective. Additionally, the case for new forms of regulation to minimise or prevent the exploitation of interns is explored, against the background of a possible new international labour standard. Presenting new data and analysis on whether internships can – and to what extent do – provide an effective bridge from education to employment, Internships, Employability and the Search for Decent Work Experience will be a key resource for policy-makers and academics in labour law, industrial relations, labour economics, human resource management and education. ‘An important and much-needed volume. It foregrounds internships as a significant feature of modern labour markets and a key policy and regulatory challenge. An impressively international volume, the book draws on the work of leading experts from a range of disciplines. It clearly outlines the policy challenges and proposes a valuable set of principles for effective regulation.’ Deirdre McCann, Durham Law School, UK ‘Internships, Employability and the Search for Decent Work Experience is a compelling and state-of-the-art look at the global internship phenomenon. A truly international group of scholars probe the topic from nearly every angle, in what amounts to a careful but thorough demonstration that legally, economically, socially, and otherwise all is not right with the world of internships.’ Ross Perlin, author of Intern Nation

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