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River Planet: Rivers from Deep Time to the Modern Crisis

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781780460994
ISBN-10: 1780460996
Author: Martin Gibling
Publication Date: 29-Jul-2021
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Number of Pages: 240

Table of Contents:

CONTENTS: Sourced Illustrations.  Acknowledgements. Prologue. Part 1: Rivers in Deep Time: 1. Rivers and Geological Time; 2. The First Drop of Rain on the Nascent Earth; 3. How Plants Bent and Split Rivers. Part 2: Our Modern Rivers: 4. Breaking Pangea: The Ancestral Rivers of Africa; 5. Hot and Cold: The River Histories of Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica; 6. Young and Restless: The Evolving Rivers of Asia; 7. The Conflicted Rivers of Europe; 8. The Reversing Rivers of South America; 9. Canyons and Cataracts in North America; 10. A Canadian Amazon. Part 3: How the Ice Age Changed Rivers: 11. Frozen Out: Northern Rivers Sculpted by Ice; 12. Megafloods and Noah’s Ark; 13. Rivers Drowned by the Sea. Part 4: Humans and Rivers: 14. From Stone Age Streams to River Civilizations; 15. The Lost Saraswati River of the Indian Subcontinent; 16. Confucian Engineers on the Yellow River of China. Part 5: Engineered Rivers: 17. Dead and Wounded Rivers; 18. Collapsing and Closing Dams; 19. Between the Dams: An Elegy for the Saskatchewan River; 20. Without Spoiling the Land: Rivers and Agriculture; 21. London’s Buried Rivers; 22. Restored Rivers. Epilogue. Glossary. Further Reading. Endnotes. Index.