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Multidimensional Strategic Outlook on Global Competitive Energy Economics and Finance

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781801178990
Author: Ed: Hasan Dinçer/Ed: Serhat Yüksel
Publication Date: 18-Feb-2022
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Number of Pages: 236

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Identifying New Perspectives on Geothermal Energy Investments; Zafer Adalı, Hasan Dinçer, Serkan Eti, Alexey Mikhaylov, and Serhat Yüksel
Chapter 2. Theoretical Foundations of the Relationship between Energy Investment, Monetary Conditions, Financial Development and Economic Growth; Mafura Uandykova
Chapter 3. Do Energy Use and Environmental Pollution Cause Income? A Study on the BRICS Nations; Ramesh Chandra Das and Aloka Nayak
Chapter 4. Relationship Between Energy Investment and Economic Growth; Fe Amor Parel Gudmundsson
Chapter 5. The Effect of Emotional Intelligence Levels on Leadership: An Application in the Energy Sector; Pelin Vardarlıer and Murat Al
Chapter 6. Measuring The Nonlinearity of the Relationship between Finance and Energy Investment; Zaffar Ahmed Shaikh
Chapter 7. Method for Assessing the Nature of the Relationship between Energy Investment and Finance with the Criteria of Monetary Factor Thresholds; Tomonobu Sengyu
Chapter 8. Evaluation of the Hypothesis of Non-Linear Relationship between Finance and Energy Investment; Mir Sayed Shah Danish
Chapter 9. The Impacts of Energy Usage and Economic Growth on the Ecological Footprint and CO2 Emissions: The Case of G-7 Countries; Şeyma Bozkaya and Mahmut Sami Duran
Chapter 10. Assessment of the Nature of the Relationship between Energy Investment and Finance; Muhammad Safdar Sial
Chapter 11. Importance of Renewable Energy Investments for Qualified Workforce; Halim Baş, Serkan Eti, and İrfan Ersin
Chapter 12. Is the Energy-Hungry Bitcoin Beneficial for Portfolio Risk Reduction?; Yunus Doğaç Arık and Melik Ertuğrul
Chapter 13. Bitcoin Mining with Nuclear Energy; Serhat Yüksel, Hasan Dinçer, Çağatay Çağlayan, Gülsüm Sena Uluer, and Anton Lisin

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