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Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781802626643
Author: Ed: Christopher T. Conner
Publication Date: 17-Feb-2022
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Number of Pages: 248

Table of Contents:

Situating Subcultures: A Note From The Editor; Christopher T. Conner
Chapter 1. “We Didn’t Invent Them:” The Development of Subcultural Identity Among Deadheads; Stacy Smith
Chapter 2. Separating From Hardcore Ritual: Situating Post-Traditional Religious Experience in the Life Course With Ex-Straightedgers; Jason Torkelson
Chapter 3. Constructing Communal Gamers: Gamers' Group Identity Work; Bertan Buyukozturk
Chapter 4. Fred Perry: Polos for All; Jessica Strübel and Monica Sklar
Chapter 5. David Matza From Naturalism to Cultural Criminology: Exploring Subculture and Alcohol in an Ethnographic Study of Young Adults in the UK; Shane Blackman and Robert McPherson
Chapter 6. The Backpacker Hostel in Central America: Experiencing Escape, Community, and Tourism; Marko Salvaggio
Chapter 7. “You're Dancing on My Seat!”: Queer Subcultures and the Production of Places in Contemporary Gay Bars; Theodore Greene
Chapter 8. Becoming an Ogre: Identity Work as a Postmodern Leisure Subculture Activity; Nicholas M. Baxter

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