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Public Governance in Denmark: Meeting the Global Mega-Challenges of the 21st Century?

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781800437135
Author: AH Krogh/A Agger/P Triantafillou
Publication Date: 23-Feb-2022
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Number of Pages: 328

Table of Contents:

Foreword; Robert Strand
Chapter 1. Why Look North? Scrutinizing the Danish Way of Governing Societal Challenges; Peter Triantafillou, Andreas Hagedorn Krogh, and Annika Agger
Section I Economic and social equality
Chapter 2. Redistribution, Inequality and Nordic Welfare States: Challenges in the Global World; Bent Greve and Daniel Béland
Chapter 3. Reforming the Ideal(Ised) Model(S) of Danish Labour Market Policies; Magnus Paulsen Hansen and Janine Leschke
Chapter 4. Innovating Democratic Participation in Social Housing; Elizabeth Toft Kristjansen and Jesper Ole Jensen
Section II Democracy and participation
Chapter 5. Successive Minority Governments – Yet Cooperation and Policy Reform; Flemming Juul Christiansen and Peter Heyn Nielsen
Chapter 6. Towards Hybrid Democracy and Interactive Political Leadership; Eva Sørensen and Jodi R. Sandfort
Section III Public sector effectiveness and efficiency
Chapter 7. The Danish Control‒Trust Balance in Public Governance; Jacob Torfing and Tina Øllgaard Bentzen
Chapter 8. Digitalising Denmark: Efficiency Vs Privacy; Peter Aagaard and John Storm Pedersen
Chapter 9. Climate Politics and Renewable Energy in Denmark 1975‒2020; Karsten Bruun Hansen and Peter Enevoldsen
Chapter 10. Resilience and Adaptability Capacity in the Danish Agriculture and Food System: Continuity and Change; Sevasti Chatzopoulou and Kostas Karantininis
Section IV Demographic changes and immigration
Chapter 11. One of the Best Pension Systems in the World?; Fritz Von Nordheim and Jon Kvist
Chapter 12. Ensuring Public Healthcare and Tackling Growing Expenditures; Erik Bækkeskov and Peter Triantafillou
Chapter 13. From Homogeneity to Diversity: Societal and Political Responses to Immigration; Carina Saxlund Bischoff and Anders Ejrnæs
Chapter 14. Public Governance in Denmark – Current Developments and Ways Ahead; Andreas Hagedorn Krogh, Annika Agger, and Peter Triantafillou

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