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"Genial" Perception: Wordsworth, Coleridge and the Myth of Genius in the Long Eighteenth Century

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781638040224
Author: William C. Edinger
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2022
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Table of Contents:




Chapter One: “Genial” Perception

Chapter Two: The Imagination / Fancy Distinction and the Tradition of Critical Binaries

Chapter Three: Critical Binaries of the Mid- and Later Eighteenth Century

Chapter Four: Local Unity of Effect in Wordsworth and Coleridge

Chapter Five: Perceptual Naturalism in Wordsworth (I): Artful and “Natural” Beholding; Languages of Art and Languages of “Nature”

Chapter Six: Perceptual Naturalism in Wordsworth (II): Longinian Beholding and Wordsworth’s New Pictorialism

Chapter Seven: The Shaftesburyan Inheritance

Chapter Eight: “Genial” Perception and Literacy

Chapter Nine: Wordsworth’s Revisions to the Snowdon Episode

Conclusion: The Philology of Unacknowledged Indebtedness

Appendix A: The Snowdon Passages

Appendix B: “Soul” and “Imagination” in The Prelude