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Children in Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781801176576
Author: Ed: Hugues Séraphin
Publication Date: 07-Mar-2022
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Number of Pages: 284

Table of Contents:

Introduction; Hugues Séraphin
Section 1. Nature Based Strategy: Children as Sustainability Thinkers, Actioners, and Transformers
Chapter 1. Wildlife Tourism, and the Education of Children; Hayley Stainton
Chapter 2. Children’s Experience of Nature Holidays: A Motivation for Environmental Responsible Behaviour; Zohre Mohammadi
Chapter 3. Children as Eco-literate Tourists: The Contribution of Outdoor Residential Centres in the UK; Karen Cripps
Chapter 4. Unlocking Changes in Tourism: Children as Future Sustainable Leaders; Rita Carballo Fuentes, Carmelo Javier Leon González, and María M. Carballo Fuentes
Chapter 5. An Analysis of the Strategic Approach Used by Resort Mini-Clubs to Educate Children about Responsible Tourism; Hugues Séraphin, Stanislav Ivanov, Anca. C. Yallop, and Anestis Fotiadis
Section 2. Non-Nature Based Strategy: Children as Sustainability Thinkers, Actioners, and Transformers
Chapter 6. Transformative Experiences on School Excursions: Students as Catalysts for Sustainable Tourism; Naomi Dale, Patrick J.N. L’Espoir Decosta, and Lynda Kelly
Chapter 7. Empowering Children : A Path Towards Sustainable Tourism in Emerging Countries; Souad Djedi, Kamila Ghidouche AÎt Yahia, Salaouatchi Hichem Sofiane
Chapter 8. Transformational Education for Sustainable Tourism in Middle-Schools; Marco Martins and Ricardo Jorge da Costa Guerra
Chapter 9. Child Rights and Inclusive Sustainable Tourism Development in East Africa: Case of Kenya; Shem Wambugu Maingi and Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar
Chapter 10. Securing Sustainable Tourism: Children’s Rights and Adults’ Responsibilities; Emma Nottingham
Chapter 11. Children as Ambassadors in Sustainability Initiatives of ANPRAS, Mauritius; Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar, Patita Paban Mohanty, and Shem Wambugu Maingi
Chapter 12. Children as Agents of Change for the Future; Nichole Hugo
Chapter 13. The Principles of Responsible Management Education and Responsible Tourism Strategies: Success, Failure or Trauma for Generation Z?; Hugues Séraphin, Simon M. Smith, Faouzi Ghidouche, and Lamia Nechoud
Conclusion; Hugues Séraphin

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