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Policy and Practice in Rural Tanzania: Grazing, Fishing and Farming at the Local-Global Interface

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781912186266
Author: Antonio Allegretti
Publication Date: 15-Apr-2022
Additional Information:

Who are the rural people of Africa? What does it mean to be
part of a ‘rural’ community in contemporary Tanzania? And why
is it important to debate questions of African rurality beyond
the mere GDP contribution of rural land-based production? This
book seeks to address questions like these. Rural people(s) in
contemporary Africa are often conceived of in terms of how to
efficiently integrate them into international markets and global
value chains; this book analyses the question of integration of
rural people in Tanzania by delving into how they deal with
local-global connections and engage with policy objectives on
their own terms, between local forms of associational life and
global markets. In so doing, it explores local socio-economic
dynamics that find little space in the national and global policy
vision of a rural sector geared towards growth – a vision that is
peculiar to African states, including Tanzania.
Informed by anthropological theory and de-re-agrarianisation
/de-re-peasantisation debates, and grounded in ethnographic
evidence, the book eschews ‘orthodox’ approaches that see
(rural) people as passive recipients of policies, and policies as
instruments of oppression. Instead, it departs from the rural
land/place-based practices of grazing, fishing and farming to
look at rurality in Tanzania as a blend of old and new meanings,
values and practices at the local-global interface, continually
reshuffled as rural people encounter different social and
economic spheres. As the world rediscovers the urgency of
questions connected to neo-colonialism and de-colonisation,
this book brings to the forefront the position, worldview and
ambitions of African rural peoples intersecting with
international policy models, visions and objectives

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