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Jacobs’ EU Guide Book: The Landmark Sites of European Integration

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781838089887
Author: Francis B. Jacobs
Publication Date: 16-May-2022
Additional Information:

“Jacobs’ EU Guide Book” is a new concept that brings the European Union alive!

It features a country-by-country gazetteer of both the “places of memory” of European integration and the current “places of work” that will help you make sense of what the EU is all about. It includes coverage of every EU member state plus the UK and Switzerland.

This is a book for:

● visitors to the EU institutions, museums, historic houses and other places of memory
● people working for or with the EU who want to see the “big picture”
● students of European history, politics and EU affairs
● armchair travellers interested in a different perspective on Europe from the usual national guide books

The book is illustrated throughout with 370 mostly colour photographs. It introduces historic personalities and the big themes of EU history, and it includes maps of the EU quarters of Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Brussels. And while the main focus of the book is on the EU, the broader history of European integration is also referenced to provide a wider context.

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