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British Women's Writing, 1930 to 1960: Between the Waves

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781802077841
Author: Ed: Sue Kennedy/Ed: Jane Thomas
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2023
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Table of Contents:

Sue Kennedy and Jane Thomas

Part I: Women Within and Beyond: Visions of ‘This Island’ 1930-1960

1. 'Pacifism , Fascism and The Crisis of Civilization’: Vera Brittain, Storm Jameson and Nancy Mitford in the 1930s
Natasha Periyan
2. Lower-Middle-Class Domestic Leisure in Woman’s Weekly, 1930
Eleanor Reed
3. ‘Unsettled’ and ‘Unsettling’ Women: Migrant Voices After the War
Maroula Joannou 

Part II: Women Bearing Witness: The Temperature of War

4. Supporting and Resisting the Myth of the Blitz: Ambiguity in Susan Ertz's Anger in the Sky (1943)
Lola Serraf
5. ‘The Lure of Pleasure’: Sex and the Married Girl in Marghanita Laski’s To Bed with Grand Music (1946)
Sue Kennedy
6. The Ambivalence of Testimony in The Heat of the Day (1949), Elizabeth Bowen
Ana Ashraf
7. Re-presenting Wrens: Nancy Spain's Thank you Nelson (1945), Eileen Bigland's The Story of the WRNS (1946), Vera Laughton Matthews' Blue Tapestry (1948) and Edith Pargeter's She Goes to War (1942)
Chris Hopkins

Part III: Women Writing Men: Interwar, War and Aftermath

8. ‘We must feed the men’: Pamela Hansford Johnson’s Maternal Plotting. Too Dear For My Possessing (1940), An Avenue of Stone (1947) and A Summer to Decide (1948)
Gill Plain
9. Men of the House: Oppressive Husbands and Displaced Wives in Second World War and Post-War Literature (Dorothy Whipple, Elizabeth Taylor, Daphne du Maurier)
Lucy Hall  
10. British Women Writing War: The Case of Storm Jameson
Katherine Cooper

Part IV: New Realities for Women: A Forward Glance

11. Barbara Comyns and New Directions in Women’s Writing
Nick Turner
12. A New Reality: Shelagh Delaney’s A Taste of Honey (1958)
Maria Elena Capitani
13. Stevie Smith: Poetry and Personality
James Underwood
14. ‘Whoever She Was’: Penelope Mortimer, Beyond the Feminine Mystique
Jane Thomas