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Big Data and Decision-Making: Applications and Uses in the Public and Private Sector

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781803825526
Author: Anna Visvizi/Orlando Troisi/Mara Grimaldi
Publication Date: 30-Jan-2023
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Number of Pages: 292

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Big Data & Decision-Making: How Big Data is Relevant across Fields and Domains; Anna Visvizi, Orlando Troisi, and Mara Grimaldi
Part 1. Conceptualizing Big Data, its Value Added and Relevance in the Modern World
Chapter 2. Mapping and Conceptualizing Big Data and its value Across Issues and Domains; Anna Visvizi, Orlando Troisi, and Mara Grimaldi
Chapter 3. Digital Governance for Addressing Performance Challenges within Inter-Municipalities; Giulia Leoni, Gennaro Maione, and Luca Mazzara
Chapter 4. Misuse of Personal Data: Exploring the Privacy Paradox in the Age of Big Data Analytics; Xhimi Hysa, Mario D’Arco, and Joana Kostaqi
Chapter 5. NoSQL Security: Can my Data-Driven Decision-Making Be Affected from Outside?; Anastasija Nikiforova, Artjoms Daskevics, and Otmane Azeroual
Chapter 6. Big Data, Knowledge Sharing, and the Innovation Process: A Systematic Literature Review; Gianluca Maria Guazzo and Vilma Çekani
Part 2. Big Big Data and its Application Across Policy Fields
Chapter 7. Transparency in AI Systems for Value Co-Creation in Healthcare; Antonietta Megaro
Chapter 8. Big Data and its Impact on Tourism and Entrepreneurship; Antonio Botti and Antonella Monda
Chapter 9. Big Data and Digital Technologies for Circular Economy in the Agri-Food Sector; Benedetta Esposito, Ornella Malandrino, Maria Rosaria Sessa, and Daniela Sica
Part 3. Business & Policy-making Process Empowered by Big Data
Chapter 10. Business Processes Powered By Big Data: Current Issues and New Research Directions; Radosław Malik and Katarzyna Rybkowska
Chapter 11. Barriers and Practical Challenges for Data-Driven Decision-Making in Circular Economy SMEs; Anne-Mari Järvenpää, Jari Jussila, and Iivari Kunttu
Chapter 12. A Co-Evolutionary Perspective on Data-Driven Organization: Highlights from Smart Cities in the Covid-19 Era; Francesca Loia
Chapter 13. What does it take to Build a Smart Sustainable City? -- Modelling an Algorithm of Smart Cities; Olena Sokhatska and Ruslana Lutsiv

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