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Advances in Global Leadership

Publisher: Emerald
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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781804558577
Author: JS Osland/BS Reiche/ME Mendenhall/ML Maznevski
Publication Date: 06-Mar-2023
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Number of Pages: 352

Table of Contents:

Part I. Empirical Findings
Chapter 1. A Systemic Review of Power in Global Leadership; Marketa Rickley
Chapter 2. Six Factors that Shape How Global Leaders Exercise Power and Influence Followers; Brett Hinds and James Ludema
Chapter 3. Leading Effective Global Change: What We Know and What We Wonder; Amber Johnson, James Ludema, and Joyce S. Osland
Chapter 4. A Model of Trigger Events and Sensemaking in the Intercultural Context: A Cognitive Approach to Global Leadership Effectiveness; Joyce S. Osland, Allan Bird, B. Sebastian Reiche, and Mark E. Mendenhall
Chapter 5. Publishing Patterns in the Field of Global Leadership: 2015-2020; Mark. E. Mendenhall, Arthur Jose Honorio Franco de Lima, and Lisa A. Burke-Smalley
Chapter 6. Reflections from Advances in Global Leadership’s Emerald Literati Award Winners; Nancy J. Adler, Richard D. Bolden, Miska Christof, Nana Yaa Gyamfi-, Tina Huesing, James Ludema, Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard, Rikke Nielsen, Joyce S. Osland, Lisa Ruiz, and Milda Zilinskaite
Part II. Practitioners’ Corner
Chapter 7. Asking Big Questions That Matter: An Interview with Nancy J. Adler; Joyce S. Osland
Chapter 8. Tackling Grand Societal Challenges and Designing Consciousness-Raising Experiences Inside and Outside the Classroom: An Interview with Global Leadership Educator Günter K. Stahl; B. Sebastian Reiche
Chapter 9. Developing Global Leaders in Denmark via Academic-Practitioner Collaboration: Lessons for Educators and Consultants; Rikke Neilsen and Danielle Bjerre Lyndgaard
Chapter 10. Power and Global Leadership: Marking the Transition and Suggesting Future Directions; Martha L. Maznevski, Joyce S. Osland, B. Sebastian Reiche, and Mark E. Mendenhall

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