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The Dutch Language in Japan (1600-1900)
ISBN: 9789004436442
Author: Joby
Publication Date: 19-Nov-2020
Publisher: Brill

The Glory of the Spirit in Gregory of Nyssa's Adversus Macedonianos
ISBN: 9789004422278
Author: Hupsch
Publication Date: 19-Nov-2020
Publisher: Brill

Unverfügbares Verinnerlichen
ISBN: 9789004439122
Publication Date: 19-Nov-2020
Publisher: Brill

Youths' Cogenerative Dialogues with Scientists
ISBN: 9789004396005
Author: Hsu
Publication Date: 20-Aug-2020
Publisher: Brill

‘Counting Black and White Beans’: Critical Race Theory in Accounting
ISBN: 9781789734065
Author: Anton Lewis
Publication Date: 26-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

Differentiating the Pearl from the Fish-Eye: Ouyang Jingwu and the Revival of Scholastic Buddhism
ISBN: 9789004437906
Author: Aviv
Publication Date: 19-Nov-2020
Publisher: Brill

Emotions and Service in the Digital Age
ISBN: 9781839092602
Author: CEJ Härtel/WJ Zerbe/NM Ashkanasy
Publication Date: 19-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

Entrepreneurial Behaviour: Unveiling the Cognitive and Emotional Aspects of Entrepreneurship
ISBN: 9781789735086
Author: Ed: Andrea Caputo/Ed: Massimiliano M. Pellegrini
Publication Date: 28-Aug-2020
Publisher: Emerald

Europe's Malaise: The Long View
ISBN: 9781839090424
Author: Francesco Duina/Frédéric Merand
Publication Date: 07-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

Exploring Self toward expanding Teaching, Teacher Education and Practitioner Research
ISBN: 9781839822636
Author: Ed: Oren Ergas/Ed: Jason K Ritter
Publication Date: 29-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

Faculty and Student Research in Practicing Academic Freedom
ISBN: 9781839827013
Author: Ed: Enakshi Sengupta/Ed: Patrick Blessinger
Publication Date: 22-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

Information Experience in Theory and Design
ISBN: 9781839093692
Author: Tim Gorichanaz
Publication Date: 01-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

International Perspectives on Policies, Practices & Pedagogies for Promoting Social Responsibility in Higher Education
ISBN: 9781839098550
Author: Enakshi Sengupta/Patrick Blessinger/Craig Mahoney
Publication Date: 23-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

Managing Talent: A Critical Appreciation
ISBN: 9781839090943
Author: Ed: Stephen Swailes
Publication Date: 02-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

Professional Work: Knowledge, Power and Social Inequalities
ISBN: 9781800432116
Author: Ed: Elizabeth Gorman/Ed: Steven.P Vallas
Publication Date: 15-Oct-2020
Publisher: Emerald

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