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Theology and Society in the Second and Third Century of the Hijra. SET
ISBN: 9789004402669
Author: van Ess
Publisher: Brill

Context of Scripture (4 volumes)
ISBN: 9789004309609
Author: ed: Hallo, W. W; Younger, K. L
Publisher: Brill

Early & Modern Chinese Religion (set of 9 vols)
ISBN: 9789004393981
Author: Vol ed: Lagerwey, J.
Publisher: Brill

Yearbook of International Organizations 2018-2019 (6 Vols)
ISBN: 9789004365605
Author: Union of Int Asso
Publisher: Brill

History of the Arabic Written Tradition SET
ISBN: 9789004389465
Author: Brockelmann
Publisher: Brill

The History (Ta?rikh) by Ibn Wa?i? al-Ya?qubi (2 vols.)
ISBN: 9789004372764
Author: Houtsma
Publisher: Brill

La triade d'Héliopolis-Baalbek (2 vols.)
ISBN: 9789004049024
Author: Hajjar
Publisher: Brill

Prosopografia Isiaca (2 vols.)
ISBN: 9789004092327
Author: Mora
Publisher: Brill

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