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Agricultural Price Stabilisation and Trade Rules
ISBN: 9789004314238
Author: Musselli
Publication Date: 17-Aug-2017
Publisher: Brill

Credit Ratings and Market Over-reliance
ISBN: 9789004341845
Author: De Pascalis
Publication Date: 17-Aug-2017
Publisher: Brill

Picture of Opposition to Philosophy in Safavid Iran
Opposition to Philosophy in Safavid Iran
ISBN: 9789004345645
Publication Date: 20-Jul-2017
Publisher: Brill

Polin Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 30: Jewish Education in Eastern Europe
ISBN: 9781906764517
Author: Eliyana R. Adler/Antony Polonsky
Publication Date: 30-Nov-2017

Picture of Tang Junyi
Tang Junyi
ISBN: 9789004330146
Author: Fröhlich
Publication Date: 27-Apr-2017
Publisher: Brill

What Happened to Equality?
ISBN: 9789004345232
Author: Friðriksdóttir
Publication Date: 17-Aug-2017
Publisher: Brill

Black Female Teachers: Diversifying the United States' Teacher Workforce
ISBN: 9781787144620
Author: Lewis/Allen/Farinde-Wu/Moore
Publication Date: 09-Aug-2017
Publisher: Emerald

Crime, Violence and the Irish in the Nineteenth Century
ISBN: 9781786940650
Author: Kyle Hughes/Donald MacRaild
Publication Date: 31-Oct-2017

Pacifist Invasions: Arabic, Translation & the Postfrancophone Lyric
ISBN: 9781786940407
Author: Yasser Elhariry
Publication Date: 31-Oct-2017

Redefining Success: Integrating Sustainability into Management Education
ISBN: 9781783535484
Author: PM Flynn/TK Tan/M Gudic
Publication Date: 09-Jul-2017

Picture of Research in Organizational Change and Development
Research in Organizational Change and Development
ISBN: 9781787144361
Author: ABR Shani/DA Noumair
Publication Date: 06-Jul-2017
Publisher: Emerald

Return of Marxian Macro-dynamics in East Asia
ISBN: 9781787144781
Author: Ishikura/Jeong/Li/Zarembka
Publication Date: 21-Aug-2017
Publisher: Emerald

Strangling Angel: Diphtheria and Childhood Immunization in Ireland
ISBN: 9781786940469
Author: Michael Dwyer
Publication Date: 31-Dec-2107

The Athenian Constitution Written in the School of Aristotle
ISBN: 9781786940704
Author: Peter J. Rhodes
Publication Date: 31-Oct-2017

The John Baskerville: Art and Industry in the Enlightenment
ISBN: 9781786940643
Author: C Archer-Parré/M Dick
Publication Date: 31-Dec-2017

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