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ISSN: 03348547

Supplementum Grammaticum Graecum 7
ISBN: 9789004533103
Author: Bacigalupo
Publication Date: 16-Nov-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Against Capitalism and Bureaucracy
ISBN: 9789004533493
Author: Kellner
Publication Date: 30-Mar-2023
Format: Book- Hardback

Ancient Philosophy and Early Christianity
ISBN: 9789004517486
Publication Date: 08-Sep-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Armenia through the Lens of Time
ISBN: 9789004527393
Publication Date: 22-Dec-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs, Volume 39, 2021
ISBN: 9789004532052
Publication Date: 23-Feb-2023
Format: Book- Hardback

Climate Change Integration in the Multilevel Governance of Italy and Austria
ISBN: 9789004512993
Publication Date: 23-Feb-2023
Format: Book- Hardback

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