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Planetary Geology: An introduction, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781780461045
Author: Vita-Finzi, Claudio/Fortes, Dominic
Publication Date: 29-Jun-2023
Format: Book- Paperback

River Planet: Rivers from Deep Time to the Modern Crisis
ISBN: 9781780460994
Author: Martin Gibling
Publication Date: 29-Jul-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Introducing Geomorphology: A Guide to Landforms and Processes, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781780461038
Author: Adrian Harvey
Publication Date: 25-Nov-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

Introducing Sedimentology
ISBN: 9781780461021
Author: Jones, Stuart
Publication Date: 19-May-2022
Format: Book- Paperback

The Southern Pennines, 1st Edition
ISBN: 9781780461007
Author: Collinson, John/Rosen, Brian
Publication Date: 22-Sep-2022
Format: Book- Paperback

The Lewisian: Britain’s oldest rocks
ISBN: 9781780460987
Author: Park, Graham
Publication Date: 21-Apr-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Everyday Citizenship and People with Dementia
ISBN: 9781780460826
Author: Nedlund, Ann-Charlotte/Bartlett, Ruth
Publication Date: 24-Oct-2019
Format: Book- Paperback

Introducing Palaeontology: A Guide to Ancient Life, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781780460833
Author: Patrick Wyse Jackson
Publication Date: 10-Oct-2019
Format: Book- Paperback

Hands-on Palaeontology: a practical manual
ISBN: 9781780460970
Author: Stephen K. Donovan
Publication Date: 24-Jun-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

Introducing Oceanography, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781780460956
Author: David N. Thomas/David G. Bowers
Publication Date: 27-May-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

Introducing Tectonics, Rock Structures and Mountain Belts, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781780460949
Author: Graham Park
Publication Date: 25-Mar-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

Hutton's Arse: 3 billion years of extraordinary geology in Scotland's Northern Highlands, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781780460932
Author: Rider, Malcolm/Harrison, Peter
Publication Date: 25-Jul-2019
Format: Book- Paperback

Iceland, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781780460925
Author: Thor Thordarson/Ármann Höskuldsson
Publication Date: 20-Jan-2022
Format: Book- Paperback

Introducing Meteorology: A Guide to the Weather, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781780460918
Author: Jon Shonk
Publication Date: 27-Feb-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

Introducing Volcanology: A Guide to Hot Rocks, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781780460901
Author: Dougal Jerram
Publication Date: 25-Mar-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

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