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The Politics of Land
ISBN: 9781787564282
Author: Ed: Tim Bartley
Publication Date: 05-Mar-2019
Format: Hardback

The Rise of Precarious Employment in Europe: Theoretical Perspectives, Reforms and Employment Trends in the Era of Economic Crisis
ISBN: 9781787544888
Author: Ilias Livanos/Papadopoulos
Publication Date: 11-Jan-2019
Format: Paperback

Trump Studies: An Intellectual Guide to Why Citizens Vote Against Their Interests
ISBN: 9781787697829
Author: Brabazon/Redhead/Chivaura
Publication Date: 24-Nov-2018
Format: Paperback

A Postmodern Accounting Theory: An Institutional Approach
ISBN: 9781787697942
Author: Gaétan Breton
Publication Date: 10-Dec-2018
Format: Hardback

Austrian Economics: The Next Generation
ISBN: 9781787565784
Author: Horwitz; Martin; D'Amico
Publication Date: 03-Dec-2018
Format: Hardback

Cultural Expertise and Socio-Legal Studies: Special Issue
ISBN: 9781787695160
Author: Ed: Austin Sarat
Publication Date: 14-Feb-2019
Format: Hardback

Culturally Responsive Strategies for Reforming STEM Higher Education: Turning the TIDES on Inequity
ISBN: 9781787434066
Author: Ed: Mack; Winter; Soto
Publication Date: 07-Jan-2019
Format: Hardback

Evidence-Based Innovation Leadership: Creating Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Organizations
ISBN: 9781787696365
Author: Johannessen/ Stokvik
Publication Date: 30-Nov-2018
Format: Hardback

Gender and Contemporary Horror in Film
ISBN: 9781787698987
Author: Holland; Shail; Gerrard
Publication Date: 04-Mar-2019
Format: Hardback

Gender and Contemporary Horror in Television
ISBN: 9781787691049
Author: Gerrard; Holland; Shail
Publication Date: 04-Mar-2019
Format: Hardback

Knowledge Management as a Strategic Asset: An Integrated, Historical Approach
ISBN: 9781787696624
Author: Jon-Arild Johannessen
Publication Date: 30-Nov-2018
Format: Paperback

Organization Design
ISBN: 9781787563308
Author: Joseph/Baumann/Burton/Srikanth
Publication Date: 10-Dec-2018
Format: Hardback

International Business in the Information and Digital Age
ISBN: 9781787563261
Author: Tulder/Verbeke/Piscitello
Publication Date: 16-Nov-2018
Format: Hardback

Disarmament, Peace and Development
ISBN: 9781787438552
Author: Braun/Archer/Breines/Chatterji
Publication Date: 10-Dec-2018
Format: Hardback

Language, Teaching and Pedagogy for Refugee Education
ISBN: 9781787148000
Author: E. Sengupta/P. Blessinger
Publication Date: 02-Jan-2019
Format: Hardback

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