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Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research
ISBN: 9781800710139
Author: Ed: Khondkar E. Karim
Publication Date: 20-Jan-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Indigenous African Enterprise: The Igbo Traditional Business School (I-TBS)
ISBN: 9781839090349
Author: Ed: Ogechi Adeola
Publication Date: 14-Dec-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

International Case Studies in the Management of Disasters: Natural - Manmade Calamities and Pandemics
ISBN: 9781839821875
Author: Ed: Babu George/Ed: Qamar-ud-Din Mahar
Publication Date: 30-Nov-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Proleptic Leadership on the Commons: Ushering in a New Global Order
ISBN: 9781838678005
Author: Randal Joy Thompson
Publication Date: 22-Oct-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Advances in Accounting Education
ISBN: 9781838672362
Author: Ed: Thomas G. Calderon
Publication Date: 05-Oct-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Agile Business Leadership Methods for Industry 4.0
ISBN: 9781800433816
Author: Ed: Bülent Akkaya
Publication Date: 05-Oct-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Big Data Analytics and Intelligence: A Perspective for Health Care
ISBN: 9781839091001
Author: P Tanwar/V Jain/C Liu/V Goyal
Publication Date: 30-Sep-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Contemporary Global Issues in Human Resource Management
ISBN: 9781800433939
Author: Ed: Mehmet Ali Türkmenoglu/Ed: Berat Cicek
Publication Date: 18-Nov-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Contemporary Issues in Public Sector Accounting and Auditing
ISBN: 9781839095092
Author: Ed: Simon Grima/Ed: Engin Boztepe
Publication Date: 18-Jan-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Crowd-Sourced Syllabus: A Curriculum for Resistance
ISBN: 9781838672720
Author: Leanne McRae
Publication Date: 12-Jan-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Humanizing Higher Education through Innovative Approaches for Teaching and Learning
ISBN: 9781839098611
Author: E Sengupta/P Blessinger/M Makhanya
Publication Date: 18-Jan-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Multilingual Metal Music: Sociocultural, Linguistic and Literary Perspectives on Heavy Metal Lyrics
ISBN: 9781839099496
Author: R Valijärvi/C Doesburg/A DiGioia
Publication Date: 08-Jan-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

The Handbook of Public Administration in Latin America
ISBN: 9781839826771
Author: B. Guy Peters/Carlos Alba Tercedor/Conrado Ramos
Publication Date: 12-Jan-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Supporting and Sustaining Well-Being in the Workplace: Insights from a Developing Economy
ISBN: 9781839826955
Author: Jayasingam/Omar/Mustamil/Hashim/Abu Bakar
Publication Date: 16-Sep-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: How entrepreneurs create value from sustainable opportunities
ISBN: 9781800431508
Author: Francesca Masciarelli/Simona Leonelli
Publication Date: 17-Sep-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

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