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Mad Muse: The Mental Illness Memoir in a Writer's Life and Work
ISBN: 9781789738100
Author: Jeffrey Berman
Publication Date: 03-Sep-2019
Format: Paperback

New Insights on Trust in Business-to-Business Relationships: A Multi-Perspective Approach
ISBN: 9781838670634
Author: Houcine Akrout/Karine Raies/Arch
Publication Date: 15-Aug-2019
Format: Hardback

A Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Approach to Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education
ISBN: 9781789739008
Author: John Moye
Publication Date: 25-Jul-2019
Format: Hardback

Central Bank Policy: Theory and Practice
ISBN: 9781789737523
Author: P. Warjiyo/S. M. Juhro
Publication Date: 25-Jul-2019
Format: Hardback

Childhood and Education in the United States and Russia: Sociological and Comparative Perspectives
ISBN: 9781787147805
Author: Katerina Bodovski
Publication Date: 29-Jul-2019
Format: Hardback

Managing Technology and Middle- and Low-skilled Employees: Advances for Economic Regeneration
ISBN: 9781789730784
Author: Hughes/Robert/Frady/Arroyos
Publication Date: 23-Jul-2019
Format: Hardback

Religion, Humility, and Democracy in a Divided America
ISBN: 9781789739503
Author: Ed: Ruth Braunstein
Publication Date: 24-Jul-2019
Format: Hardback

Smart Villages in the EU and Beyond
ISBN: 9781787698468
Author: Visvizi/Lytras/Mudri
Publication Date: 04-Jun-2019
Format: Hardback

Specifics of Decision Making in Modern Business Systems: Regularities and Tendencies
ISBN: 9781787566927
Author: Popkova/Chesnokova/Morozova
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2019
Format: Hardback

Strategies for Facilitating Inclusive Campuses in Higher Education: International Perspectives on Equity and Inclusion
ISBN: 9781787560659
Author: Hoffman/Blessinger/Makhanya
Publication Date: 25-Jul-2019
Format: Hardback

Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
ISBN: 9781838670597
Author: Ed: Austin Sarat
Publication Date: 08-Aug-2019
Format: Hardback

Contemporary HRM Issues in the 21st Century
ISBN: 9781789734607
Author: Ed: Peter Holland
Publication Date: 15-Oct-2019
Format: Paperback

Global Aspects of Reputation and Strategic Management
ISBN: 9781787543140
Author: Deephouse/Gardberg/Newburry
Publication Date: 16-Jul-2019
Format: Hardback

Soldiers on International Missions: There and Back Again
ISBN: 9781789730326
Author: Vincent Lyk-Jensen/Pedersen
Publication Date: 24-Jul-2019
Format: Hardback

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