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Global and Culturally Diverse Leaders and Leadership: New Dimensions and Challenges for Business, Education and Society
ISBN: 9781787434967
Author: JL Chin/JE Trimble/JE Garcia
Publication Date: 06-Oct-2017
Format: Paperback

Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development
ISBN: 9781787431645
Author: Ghauri/Ghauri/Fu/Väätänen
Publication Date: 25-Sep-2017
Format: Paperback

Picture of Understanding Brexit
Understanding Brexit
ISBN: 9781787146792
Author: Graham Taylor
Publication Date: 14-Nov-2017
Format: Paperback

Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions
ISBN: 9781787146938
Author: S Finkelstein/CL Cooper
Publication Date: 18-Jul-2017
Format: Hardback

Picture of Custard, Culverts and Cake: Academics on Life in The Archers
Custard, Culverts and Cake: Academics on Life in The Archers
ISBN: 9781787432864
Author: Cara Courage/Nicola Headlam
Publication Date: 05-Oct-2017
Format: Paperback

Genes, Climate, and Consumption Culture: Connecting the Dots
ISBN: 9781787434127
Author: Jagdish N. Sheth
Publication Date: 19-Aug-2017
Format: Paperback

Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology: Including a Symposium on Historical Epistemology
ISBN: 9781787145382
Author: L Fiorito/S Scheall/CE Suprinyak
Publication Date: 22-Aug-2017
Format: Hardback

Spatial Justice and Informal Settlements:: Integral Urban Projects in the Comunas of Medellín
ISBN: 9781787147683
Author: Eva Schwab
Publication Date: 16-Nov-2017
Format: Paperback

Riding the Innovation Wave: Learning to Create Value from Ideas
ISBN: 9781787145702
Author: John Bessant
Publication Date: 03-Oct-2017
Format: Hardback

The Economic Impact of Airport Operations
ISBN: 9781787144989
Author: James Peoples/John Bitzan
Publication Date: 20-Sep-2017
Format: Hardback

Picture of Theoretical Times
Theoretical Times
ISBN: 9781787146693
Author: Steve Redhead
Publication Date: 07-Oct-2017
Format: Paperback

Advances in Group Processes
ISBN: 9781787431935
Author: Shane R. Thye/Edward J. Lawler
Publication Date: 18-Aug-2017
Format: Hardback

Inside Knowledge: How Women Can Thrive in Professional Service Firms
ISBN: 9781787145665
Author: Alison Temperley
Publication Date: 08-Sep-2017
Format: Paperback

Reflections on Sociology of Sport: Ten Questions, Ten Scholars, Ten Perspectives
ISBN: 9781787146433
Author: Ed: Kevin Young
Publication Date: 02-Oct-2017
Format: Hardback

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