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Funerary Practices in Serbia
ISBN: 9781787691827
Author: Aleksandra Pavicevic
Publication Date: 19-Feb-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

The Catalyst Effect: 12 Skills and Behaviors to Boost Your Impact and Elevate Team Performance
ISBN: 9781787548114
Author: J Toomer/C Caldwell/S Weitzenkorn/C Clark
Publication Date: 30-Apr-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

The Crossroads of Rural Crime: Representations and Realities of Transgression in the Australian Countryside
ISBN: 9781800436459
Author: Ed: Alistair Harkness/Ed: Rob White
Publication Date: 19-May-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

The Law and Economics of Patent Damages, Antitrust, and Legal Process
ISBN: 9781800710252
Author: James Langenfeld/Frank Fagan/Samuel Clark
Publication Date: 24-May-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Understanding Decision-Making in Educational Contexts: A Case Study Approach
ISBN: 9781800718180
Author: Stephanie Chitpin
Publication Date: 15-Mar-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Overtourism as Destination Risk: Impacts and Solutions
ISBN: 9781839097072
Author: Ed: Anukrati Sharma/Ed: Azizul Hassan
Publication Date: 13-May-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Teaching the EU: Fostering Knowledge and Understanding in the Brexit Age
ISBN: 9781800432758
Author: Ed: Anna Visvizi/Ed: Mark Field/Ed: Marta Pachocka
Publication Date: 13-May-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

The Ambiguities of Desistance: Ex-offenders, Higher Education and the Desistance Journey
ISBN: 9781839827877
Author: David Honeywell
Publication Date: 16-Mar-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

The Role of External Examining in Higher Education: Challenges and Best Practices
ISBN: 9781839821752
Author: E Sengupta/P Blessinger/A Ssemwanga/B Cozza
Publication Date: 17-May-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Radical Interactionism and Critiques of Contemporary Culture
ISBN: 9781839820298
Author: Ed: Norman K Denzin
Publication Date: 30-Apr-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Crafting Customer Experience Strategy: Lessons from Asia
ISBN: 9781839097119
Author: Ed: Sapna Popli/Ed: Bikramjit Rishi
Publication Date: 04-May-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Sustainable Real Estate in the Developing World
ISBN: 9781838678388
Author: Raymond Talinbe Abdulai/Kwasi Gyau Baffour Awuah
Publication Date: 29-Mar-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

When Reproduction meets Ageing: The Science and Medicine of the Fertility Decline
ISBN: 9781839097478
Author: Nolwenn Bühler
Publication Date: 05-May-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Combatting Marginalisation by Co-Creating Education: Methods, Theories and Practices from the Perspectives of Young People
ISBN: 9781800434516
Author: Gravesen/Stuart/Bunting/Mikkelsen/Frostholm
Publication Date: 08-Feb-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

Enterprise Risk Management in Europe
ISBN: 9781838672461
Author: Ed: Marco Maffei
Publication Date: 04-May-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

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