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Rebuilding the Fire and Rescue Services: Policy Delivery and Assurance
ISBN: 9781838677589
Author: P Murphy/K Lakoma/P Eckersley/R Glennon
Publication Date: 06-Jan-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

The Networked School Leader: How to Improve Teaching and Student Outcomes using Learning Networks
ISBN: 9781838677220
Author: Chris Brown
Publication Date: 03-Apr-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

Broadlands and the New Rurality: An Ethnography
ISBN: 9781839095818
Author: Sam Hillyard
Publication Date: 13-Jan-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

Conflict and Shifting Boundaries in the Gig Economy: An Interdisciplinary Analysis
ISBN: 9781838676049
Author: Ed: Rebecca Page-Tickell/Ed: Elaine Yerby
Publication Date: 30-Mar-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Digital Detox: The Politics of Disconnecting
ISBN: 9781787693425
Author: Trine Syvertsen
Publication Date: 30-Mar-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

How Do Leaders Make Decisions?: Evidence from the East and West, Part B
ISBN: 9781838678128
Author: Ed: Alex Mintz/Ed: Dmitry (Dima) Adamsky
Publication Date: 02-Dec-2019
Format: Book- Hardback

Knowledge Management Philosophy: Communication as a Strategic Asset in Knowledge Management
ISBN: 9781839096372
Author: Jon-Arild Johannessen
Publication Date: 08-Jan-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

Non-Financial Disclosure and Integrated Reporting: Practices and Critical Issues
ISBN: 9781838679644
Author: L Songini/A Pistoni/P Baret/M Kunc
Publication Date: 12-Mar-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Russian Economics
ISBN: 9781839093326
Author: Ed: Bruno S. Sergi
Publication Date: 30-Sep-2019
Format: Sealed Set

Gender and Practice: Knowledge, Policy, Organizations
ISBN: 9781838673888
Author: Marcia Texler Segal/Kristy Kelly/Vasilikie Demos
Publication Date: 22-Nov-2019
Format: Book- Hardback

Integrating Sustainable Development into the Curriculum
ISBN: 9781787699427
Author: E Sengupta/P Blessinger/TS Yamin
Publication Date: 18-Mar-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Managing Meetings in Organizations
ISBN: 9781838672287
Author: AL Meinecke/JA Allen/N Lehmann-Willenbrock
Publication Date: 17-Mar-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Mentoring Millennials in an Asian Context: Talent Management Insights from Singapore
ISBN: 9781789734843
Author: Paul Lim/Andrew Parker
Publication Date: 16-Mar-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Assessment Strategies for Knowledge Organizations
ISBN: 9781838676100
Author: Dean Testa/Johel Brown-Grant/Denise Bedford
Publication Date: 29-Nov-2019
Format: Book- Paperback

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