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Conceptualizing Risk Assessment and Management across the Public Sector: From Theory to Practice
ISBN: 9781800436930
Author: Jennifer Murray/Iniobong Enang
Publication Date: 26-Jan-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Entrepreneurship and Post-Pandemic Future
ISBN: 9781801179034
Author: Ed: Anthony Abiodun Eniola
Publication Date: 03-Mar-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Retail In A New World: Recovering From The Pandemic That Changed The World
ISBN: 9781801178471
Author: Eleonora Pantano/Kim Willems
Publication Date: 24-Jan-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

SDG9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
ISBN: 9781801171342
Author: Luis Velazquez
Publication Date: 26-Nov-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

Sport, Gender and Development: Intersections, Innovations and Future Trajectories
ISBN: 9781838678661
Author: Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst/Holly Thorpe/Megan Chawansky
Publication Date: 10-Dec-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

AI in Fashion Industry
ISBN: 9781802626346
Author: Satya Banerjee/Sanjay Mohapatra/M. Bharati
Publication Date: 14-Feb-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Creating Spaces for an Ageing Society: The Role of Critical Social Infrastructure
ISBN: 9781839827396
Author: Sophie Yarker
Publication Date: 17-Nov-2021
Format: Book- Hardback

Designing XR: A Rhetorical Design Perspective for the Ecology of Human+Computer Systems
ISBN: 9781802623666
Author: Peter (Zak) Zakrzewski
Publication Date: 14-Feb-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Ethical Issues in Covert, Security and Surveillance Research
ISBN: 9781802624144
Author: Ed: Ron Iphofen/Ed: Dónal O’Mathúna
Publication Date: 09-Dec-2021
Format: Book- Paperback

Gender and Female Villains in 21st Century Fairy Tale Narratives: From Evil Queens to Wicked Witches
ISBN: 9781801175654
Author: Ed: Natalie Le Clue/Ed: Janelle Vermaak-Griessel
Publication Date: 11-Feb-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

Multidimensional Strategic Outlook on Global Competitive Energy Economics and Finance
ISBN: 9781801178990
Author: Ed: Hasan Dinçer/Ed: Serhat Yüksel
Publication Date: 18-Feb-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

ISBN: 9781800715387
Author: Susan Hogan
Publication Date: 28-Jan-2022
Format: Book- Paperback

Public Governance in Denmark: Meeting the Global Mega-Challenges of the 21st Century?
ISBN: 9781800437135
Author: AH Krogh/A Agger/P Triantafillou
Publication Date: 23-Feb-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

ISBN: 9781802626643
Author: Ed: Christopher T. Conner
Publication Date: 17-Feb-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

The Power of Inclusion in Family Business
ISBN: 9781801175791
Author: Rosa Nelly Trevinyo-Rodríguez/Miguel Ángel Gallo
Publication Date: 14-Feb-2022
Format: Book- Hardback

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