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SDG10 – Reduce Inequality Within and Among Countries
ISBN: 9781787699847
Author: UC Pandey/C Kumar/M Ayanore/HR Shalaby
Publication Date: 20-Feb-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

Urban Governance and Smart City Planning: Lessons from Singapore
ISBN: 9781839821073
Author: Zaheer Allam
Publication Date: 20-Feb-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

Marketing in Customer Technology Environments: Prospective Customers and Magical Worlds
ISBN: 9781839096013
Author: Devanathan Sudharshan
Publication Date: 16-Apr-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Simplifying the Complex: A Guide to Transition and Activation Planning for Healthcare Construction Projects
ISBN: 9781838679729
Author: Guzman/Agner/Aguilera/Stevenson/Ahmadi/Broders
Publication Date: 28-Apr-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

The Olympic Games: A Critical Approach
ISBN: 9781838677763
Author: Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
Publication Date: 15-Apr-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

Coaching Winning Sales Teams: Insights from the World of Sport and Business
ISBN: 9781789734881
Author: Tim Chapman/Lynn Pickford/Tony Smith
Publication Date: 22-Apr-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Death in Custody: Inquests, Family Participation and State Accountability
ISBN: 9781839090264
Author: Jo Easton
Publication Date: 16-Sep-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

From Blofeld to Moneypenny: Gender in James Bond
ISBN: 9781838671631
Author: Ed: Steven Gerrard
Publication Date: 26-Mar-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Metal Music and the Re-imagining of Masculinity, Place, Race and Nation
ISBN: 9781838674441
Author: Karl Spracklen
Publication Date: 11-May-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

The Savvy Investor's Guide to Building Wealth Through Traditional Investments
ISBN: 9781839096112
Author: H. Kent Baker/John R. Nofsinger/Andrew C. Spieler
Publication Date: 16-Apr-2020
Format: Book- Paperback

The Systemic Approach in Sociology and Niklas Luhmann: Expectations, Discussions, Doubts
ISBN: 9781839090325
Author: Jirí Šubrt
Publication Date: 29-Apr-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Theorizing the Sharing Economy: Variety and Trajectories of New Forms of Organizing
ISBN: 9781787561809
Author: Ed: Indre Maurer/Ed: Johanna Mair/Ed: Achim Oberg
Publication Date: 16-Mar-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

Transregional Europe
ISBN: 9781787694941
Author: William Outhwaite
Publication Date: 13-Apr-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

A History of the Assessment of Sex Offenders: 1830-2020
ISBN: 9781787693609
Author: D. Richard Laws
Publication Date: 14-Feb-2020
Format: Book- Hardback

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