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Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics: The Evolving Story of Our Relationship with Farm Animals
ISBN: 9781789180084
Author: Mark Fisher
Publication Date: 14-Dec-2018
Format: Book- Paperback

Research and Study Skills for Veterinary Nurses
ISBN: 9781789180138
Author: Jane Davidson
Publication Date: 28-Feb-2019
Format: Book- Paperback

The Management of Pet Obesity
ISBN: 9781912178346
Author: Victoria Bowes, Helen Coleman
Publication Date: 05-Feb-2019
Format: Book- Paperback

Understanding Aquaculture
ISBN: 9781789180114
Author: Jesse Trushenski
Publication Date: 04-Jan-2019
Format: Book- Hardback

Writing Skills for Veterinarians
ISBN: 9781789180350
Author: Ryane Englar
Publication Date: 05-Feb-2019
Format: Book- Paperback

# Piglet Nutrition Notes Volume 2 :
ISBN: 9781789180022
Author: Ioannis Mavromichalis
Publication Date: 23-Nov-2018
Format: Book- Paperback

Behavioural Problems in Rabbits : A Clinical Approach
ISBN: 9781789180121
Author: Guen Bradbury
Publication Date: 07-Dec-2018
Format: Book- Paperback

Equine Behaviour in Mind: Applying Behavioural Science to the Way we Keep, Work and Care for Horses
ISBN: 9781789180077
Author: Edited by Suzanne Rogers
Publication Date: 18-Jan-2019
Format: Book- Paperback

The Clinical Companion of the Donkey
ISBN: 9781789013900
Author: The Donkey Sanctuary
Publication Date: 02-Apr-2018
Format: Book- Paperback

Return to Rose Farm
ISBN: 9781912158317
Author: Tractor Barn
Publication Date: 08-Apr-2018
Format: DVD

Guidance for the Rational Use of Antimicrobials: Recommendations for Dogs and Cats
ISBN: 9791092450057
Author: CEVA
Publication Date: 07-Apr-2016
Format: Book- Hardback

ISBN: 9781187724040
Author: Noel Sweeney
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2017
Format: Book- Paperback

The Handbook of Horses and Donkeys: Introduction to Ownership and Care
ISBN: 9781912178889
Author: Chris J. Mortensen
Publication Date: 17-Oct-2018
Format: Book- Paperback

Robinson Farms
Author: Farm & Plant Ireland
Publication Date: 29-Mar-2018
Format: DVD

Achieving sustainable cultivation of maize Volume 1
ISBN: 9781786760081
Author: Burleigh Dodds Science Pub
Publication Date: 09-Jun-2017
Format: Book- Hardback

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